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“SAM, The InventorBot”

An action adventure animated series about a young android boy from a robot-inhibited planet that invents gadgets in a quest to solve the mystery behind his parents’ demise.

Produced by: CinematicPro
Music Composer: Jon Brooks
Sound Effects and Audio Mix: Tribe Audio
Year: 2014

YouTube Channel:
“The Two Greedy Flies”
Season 1: Shapes

Shapes is a children’s series. Famous fables are brought to life using animated shapes.

Animation: Peach Blossom Media
Producers: Sung Lin Gun and Karen Tang
Music Composer: Jon Brooks
Dubbing Mixer: Lee Williams

Duration: 7 minutes

YouTube Channel:
Garden of Beautiful Creatures
Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer for an upcoming 3D animated feature film.

Jian is transported into the magical world of Alamaya. In this world the animals are all intelligent hybrids.

Duration: 48 seconds

YouTube Channel:
“Box Clever”
Short Quirky Animation

Quirky Instrumental Music

Animator: Ed Taylor
Performed by: The Fibonacci Sequence
(Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Trumpet)
Gateway Recording Studios, Kingston London
Music Composer: Jon Brooks
Sound Design: Jon Brooks
Duration: 2 mins 23 secs

YouTube Channel:
“Mr. Eskimo”
Short Dramatic Animation

Animation: Sam Grice. Music-SFX: Jon Brooks
A cold and desolate place; the wind blows, the snow falls and fish are always on the menu. Mr. Eskimo is tired of his sea-food diet and wants to try something more appetising. Unfortunately for him he decides to mess with the local penguins, who are less than happy with his choice of cuisine. This leads to horrific consequences!

YouTube Channel:
“Jungle Jitters”
Short 3D Animation

Client: Astro Entertainment
Genre: Adventure/Folklore/Fantasy
Director: Mohd. Zahir Zainal Abidin
Script: Kelvin Khor
Music Composer: Jon Brooks
Audio Engineer: Ram Chia
Voice Coach: Brian Zimmerman

Duration: 4 Minutes

YouTube Channel: